Saturday, October 8, 2011

Recycled/Upcycled Crafts

Been a long time since I posted here!

Last week I decided my apartment is just too cluttered, and have been thinking of inexpensive ways to reduce this mess. My main need is more shelf space/shelves in general, as well as more containers for all the little things we have laying around. So, I decided to delve into recycling things I already have into containers, shelves, etc., and see where it gets me.

The first thing I did was try out making some plastic yarn (or plarn), finally, and it's working quite well. It's kind of surreal to be knitting a bag out of bags, but it's working! I'm making a hang-able bag for keeping garlic and onions in, that will (hopefully) be easily washable. I'm about halfway done now.

After that, I'm going to take cardboard boxes and basically use them as wood, to build my own mini-shelves. I've bought ribbon and things, too, to help keep them at least somewhat attractive.

If anyone has some recommendations for functional crafts, recycled or otherwise, please let me know!

Tentative Ideas:
Soda bottle piggy bank