Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Slimes in a Bottle

This is a project I've been excited to do for a very long time. I saw picture of some little slimes in a bottle of some kind of gel on Etsy, and I knew I just had to have them. But like heck I was going to buy them when I was confident I could make my own :D

Cut to about a year later, and now here they are, after gathering motivation and materials alike. These are made of Sculpey clay, and painted with craft acrylics,  then finished with a coat of shiny varnish. The three small ones are for the jar, and the other two are just for me to have around as little figurines. I filled the bottle with aloe gel, as it's clear and semi-solid, so it would hold the slimes in place. I haven't taken a picture of the aloe filled bottle yet, but I will shortly and show off the finished project. I am so excited to have this at last. Slimes are simply awesome and cute and one of my favourite creatures ever!

What is your favourite video game monster? Or monster in general?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Photography Attempts

These are some self-done photos of me I did at the beginning of our unusually cold June. After hanging out with my friend Carolynn and seeing her be so enthusiastic about photography, I felt just bold enough to put my own face in my pictures for a bit. They're not that great though, ha ha.

These pictures ended up telling a story in my mind a little, and they inspired me to create a new character, named Hannah Rae. She's kind of the fantasy, insightful, gentle side of my mind. She is some kind of anthropomorphic dragon-elf thing.