Thursday, May 31, 2012

Catch Up

It's been a long time since I posted here, yet again, but I'm finally making enough things that I feel like I actually have something to post about.

The first item is known as a Slime, particularly from the DragonQuest series of video games. I made the body quite a while ago, but only just now attached eyes and a mouth. The body is a knit pattern, modified from a pattern for a ball. The eyes and mouth are just felt that I cut out. I need to make the eyes closer together next time.

 This is my first crocheted project, as I only just learned how to crochet. My friend lent me a book for beginners with a lot of cute animal patterns. I made a yellow hippo :)

 Lastly is a pattern I made up during the winter. It was supposed to be my first pair of socks, but I got so confused when it came time to turn the heel that I just gave up :/ Then some friends of mine suggested I wear the thing like a sleeve, and to my surprise, it looks pretty nice under a black T-shirt! I think I'll make another one for my other arm after all. I'm not sure how to keep them up though, maybe a piece attached to both that goes under my shirt and across my back?