Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Slimes in a Bottle

This is a project I've been excited to do for a very long time. I saw picture of some little slimes in a bottle of some kind of gel on Etsy, and I knew I just had to have them. But like heck I was going to buy them when I was confident I could make my own :D

Cut to about a year later, and now here they are, after gathering motivation and materials alike. These are made of Sculpey clay, and painted with craft acrylics,  then finished with a coat of shiny varnish. The three small ones are for the jar, and the other two are just for me to have around as little figurines. I filled the bottle with aloe gel, as it's clear and semi-solid, so it would hold the slimes in place. I haven't taken a picture of the aloe filled bottle yet, but I will shortly and show off the finished project. I am so excited to have this at last. Slimes are simply awesome and cute and one of my favourite creatures ever!

What is your favourite video game monster? Or monster in general?

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