Saturday, January 5, 2013

Little Bunny Blue

I tried another amigurumi piece of cuteness, using this Sweetheart Bunny pattern. I completed the head first... then learned by accident that I'd been crocheting incorrectly! I was doing an action called "crocheting though the back loop", which I thought was a normal crochet stitch. It turns out I need to be inserting the hook through both legs of each stitch.

So because of this, my projects have always been bigger than the pattern suggested they'd be, and you could see in between the holes in the holes since they were more prominent. After making the head too large, I had to alter the rest of the pattern to fit the size. I think it turned out well enough, but could definitely be better. At least I know for my next project!

(Sorry for the poor lighting. There has been no sunlight for weeks now.)

1 comment:

  1. wow! I remember when someone at DX told me I was knitting incorrectly and I was speechless...your bunny is adorable, I love it!